The Art of Being Human

– how do I navigate through life in challenging times –

 – a one year program to adjust the inner compass –

➢  Do you feel that the human way of living in the 21st century is getting out of balance? 

➢  Do you feel that we are forgetting our humanness? 

➢  Are you longing for sustainable and balanced ways to navigate through the complexities of life? 

Then this journey might be for you…

It is a journey of:

  • listening deeply into the Self
  • feeling held and respected by each other
  • discovering the multi-facetted nature of human consciousness
  • re-membering the truth of who we really are as humans
  • opening the pathway to unleash the full potential of our sacred dream of life

based on ancient earth wisdom teachings we will:

  • explore how to navigate through life by remembering, dreaming, contemplation as well as by experiences, practices and joy

  • breakdown the barriers between age, income, gender and beliefs
  • build a foundation for a conscious relationship with ‘all our relations’ (animals, plants, water, stones etc.)
  • re-awaken your remembrance of our place as humans in the universe

All the retreats will contain teachings, story, experiences, personal work – individually and in smaller groups, deep sharing and much more.

In between the retreats you will be asked to deepen your learning through suggested practices and work together in small teams at an online forum.

We are offering an introduction day at our venue on May 18, 2024. Click to see more

who are we?

We who offer this journey have studied the old Wisdom Teaching bundle “The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge” for more thah 20 years with WindEagle & RainbowHawk of Ehama Institute in New Mexico, USA. We are certified by Ehama Institute to share the essential tools and concepts of this wisdom in the world.

We are honored to be able to offer these life transforming teachings to anyone, who feel called in this time of the history of Humankind.

Else-Marie Bierlich

Anders Thomasen

Thomas Spahl

Certified Council Guides by Ehama Institute *, New Mexico, USA

* Ehama Institute is founded by WindEagle & RainbowHawk, Keepers of
“The Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge”

Retreat Dates:

1st gathering:
September 12 -15, 2024
2nd gathering:
November 28 – December 1, 2024
3rd gathering:
March 13 – 16, 2025
4th gathering:
May 29 – June 1 , 2025


Tuition fee
(for the full program):
Accommodation & Food
(to be paid 10 days ahead of each gathering):
€ 280,00 – € 310,00
– Travel costs are not included
– More information will be given after sign up
– Register »» here ««


The retreats will be held at a venue called “Rotundare ” located in the Boppard area in Germany – near Koblenz.
It is a beautiful place in a small village with a gorgeous view over the area and the Rhine. You can find more info on the website here: https://www.rotundare.de (in German) or in English here: https://www.rotundare.com.

The full brochure can be seen and downloaded in pdf format here »